Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to Take Good Pictures Clean Your Tattoo

First Start with the tattoo clean and dry.

Both use a decent camera. Low-quality webcams and digital cameras do not have a good picture. A $ 10 maybe 35 mm disposable point and shoot better than a webcam.

The third proper lighting is important.

Fourth unless you have a macro mode the camera / lens, closer to the tattoo just run away.
Photos can be scanned to create large high-resolution images below for a closer of the best tattoos.

Fifth image and photo editor Use the web.

The first digital camera has an advantage over film cameras, because you can see the results on the LCD preview.
Second if you have problems with glare, the application of a thin layer of powder cosmetics contribute to the reflection of light from a tattoo.
These three images are blurry from the camera due to poor lighting or improper. He stared at the picture ointment on a tattoo or a light source due to hard.

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